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Pre-Owned Equipment

  • Wheel Aligners
    • Hoffman Alignment Machine

      R 54 756.87 Excl VAT
      R 62 422.83 Incl VAT
      Hofmann , Geolinger 550
      Description:Product OverviewEEWA717ALThe geoliner 550 leverages a wireless communication system with Bluetooth technology, cordless pods powered by Lithium Ion batteries, and ...
    • John Bean FMC Four Wheel Computerized Alignment Machine

      R 21 017.58 Excl VAT
      R 23 960.04 Incl VAT
      John Bean , FCM
      Description: FCM / john bean 4 wheel alignment machine. This was set-up in a shop and has the complete video training system included. The wheel clamps have been extended to fi...
  • Wheel Balancers
    • John Bean EEWB503A Wheel Balancer

      R 58 000.00 Excl VAT
      R 66 120.00 Incl VAT
      John Bean , EEWB503A
      Description:The VPI System IV is a high performance wheel balancer with the industry’s most accurate balancing technology, Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI). 230-264 volt 1 phase com...
  • Tyre Changers
    • John Bean EHP System II-E Tyre Changer

      R 16 000.00 Excl VAT
      R 18 240.00 Incl VAT
      John Bean , T500
      Description:The EHP System IV-E tire changer can handle a wide range of passenger car and ligth truck wheel and tire assemblies from OEM’s or aftermarket. The EHP System IV-E f...

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